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Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Which ecommerce platforms are currently supported?
A) The current available apps are: Clover to Shopify, Clover to Bigcommerce and Clover to Magento

Q) What data is synced by the app?
A) The app syncs product data, stock levels, order and customer details. There are three separate sync services:

  1. Products – synced one-way from Clover to Shopify/Bigcommerce/Magento
  2. Stock levels – synced from Clover to Shopify/Bigcommerce/Magento
  3. Orders – synced from Shopify/Bigcommerce/Magento to Clover, including customer details

Q) How often does the product import run?
A) Stock levels and orders are synced every 15 mins. The product import runs every hour. It may take up to 24 hrs for the first time run.

Q) Will changes to the Clover product data be synced to my site?
A) If you update the name and the SKUs match then yes, they will be overwritten.

Q) Will all products be synced?
A) All products will be synced unless you choose the option to filter by label. When the filter by label option is specified, only products that have the “sync to patchworks” label within Clover will be synced.

Q) When the sync runs, will the products be live right away?
A) New products will be “hidden” & will need to be manually made live. Existing products that are updated will remain live.

Q) Why was a recently updated product not synced from Clover?
A) There is a known issue in Clover where not all of the fields impact on whether the product is flagged as “updated”. Editing the ‘Name’ field will certainly flag the product as “updated” and ready to be synced but this is not the case with all fields. To ensure that a product is synced, update and save the name in Clover and the product will be synced on the next run.

Q) How can I add related/configurable products in Clover?
A) Please follow the instructions on . Product variants will need to be added using the Clover station rather than through the web dashboard.

Q) How can I uninstall the app?
A) Please log into your Clover merchant account at and click on the “App Market” icon. Next click on the “Installed Apps” tab to list your currently installed app. Select the app that you want to uninstall and on the next page the “Uninstall” button will be at the bottom of the left sidebar content. If there are any problems, please send your clover login details (email and password) and we can uninstall the app for you.